Q: Are we limited to cake designs seen in your blog?

A: No, we customize all cakes and will work with you to produce your unique vision. We are here to make your cake dreams come true! Cakes can be made to replicate something you have already seen, an idea you have or a custom idea from us based on your needs and requests.

Q: Can we have different cake flavors in different tiers?
A: Yes you can. But this is not applicable to mini 2 tiers size 5"+ 7"

Q: What is fondant? Is it very sweet?
A: Rolled sugar icing, fondant covers the outside of the cake and a thin layer of buttercream underneath. Fondant gives the cake an elegantly smooth finish.
Yes, its very sweet but you can always peel it off before eating the cake.

Q: Why do fondant cake cost so much?
A: Fondant is harder to work with and takes a lot more time than butter cream cakes. Think of it in terms of a restaurant. Dessert at a basic restaurant usually runs anywhere from $3 - $7 per serving and they are mass-produced. I'm making you a custom creation where you've chosen the design and flavors you want and is fresh baked with quality ingredients.