Full Month Cake

A 6" x 8" full month cake for baby Ethan.

Prince Theme

A 8" square Prince theme cake for baby Riley's 1st birthday.

Prince Theme

A 4" x 8" Prince theme cake for baby Reyes's 1st birthday.

Sesame Street Theme

A 6" x 10" Sesame street theme cake for baby Aiden's first birthday.

Giraffe Cake

I did not want to disppoint little Chermaine after reading her aunt's email, so I took in her order despite being "fully booked".

The design was suppose to be a jungle animal cake, but Chermaine changed her mind and requested for a giraffe cake. The only request was for the cake to be in Chermain's favourite colour Pink!,everything else was left to me.

A 6" Giraffe cake for Chermaine's 6th birthday

Farm animal theme

A 8" x 10" farm animal theme cake for Nathan and Natalie's first birthday.

PM cake

A 8" Precious Moment cake for Ryanne's 1st birthday
I really like the side of the cake, it was a quilted design with tiny hearts...=)

21st Birthday Cake

Melissa wanted a cake replicated for her 21st birthday. This is how it turned out...hope she likes it. I really like the zebra preens..opps..prints!=P


A 4" x 6" castle for Zainab's 4th birthday. The castle had no princess as zainab's mummy will only place it on the cake after the cake was delivered.

Gift Box Design

A 8" x 10" gift box design for Kamie's 1st birthday. Kamie's mummy requested for a gift box design with Kamie, daddy and herself on it, using colours white, pink and purple. This is how it turned out...hope they like it.

Sesame street cake

A 4" x 8" Sesame Street Cake for Javier's 1st birthday

Princess theme

A very unique cake as 4 person are celebrating their birthday's together. 2 sisters and their godmums.

A 6" x 10" princess theme cake for Janessa, Janae, godmum M and godmum P. =)

Mickey mouse clubhouse

A 6" x 8" Mickey mouse clubhouse theme for Zara's 1st birthday

Jungle animals

Actually I don't normally post repeat designs on my blog. However, I just wanted to show this design as a single tier..very cute too.

A 6" jungle theme cake for baby Jared's 1st birthday

Thomas and his friends

A 6" x 8" Thomas and friends cake for Zane's 1st birthday

Pokemon cake

This is Clarissa's 3rd cake. A 6" Pokemon cake.

Drea's Hello Kitty Cake

This is Drea's 2nd cake. A 6" Hello Kitty cake.

Princess castle

Another lucky girl that gets 2 cakes!This is one of the cake that Drea's mummy ordered from me. Will post the other one later on.
A 4" x 6" mini princess castle cake for Drea's 5th birthday.

Baby Mickey and Minnie

A 8" Baby Mickey and Minnie cake for Shermes's 1st birthday

Jungle animals

A 6" x 8" jungle theme cake for Elijah's 3rd birthday

Princess castle cake

A 6" x 8" princess castle cake for Bernice's 5th birthday.

PM Cake

Clarissa's mummy order 3 birthday cakes for 3 seperate birthday celebration. Clarissa is such a lucky baby!Below are the pictures of the 2 Precious Moments cake.
A 6" and a 8". There is another Pokemon design to come. Will update pictures later on =)

Disney Cars theme

A 8" Disney cars theme cake for Dylan's 2nd birthday

2D Peppa Pig Cake

A Peppa pig cake for Isabel's 2nd birthday

Face cupcakes

16 Face cupcakes for Wesley's 5th birthday

Sesame street theme

A 6" x 8" Sesame street theme for baby Zayden's first birthday

Dibo the gift dragon

A 4" x 10" Dibo theme cake for baby Samuel's first birthday

Thomas the train

A 8" Thomas cake for baby Kaylen first birthday.

Another 24 cuppies to surround the cake.

Penguine Cupcakes

Angeline ordered a dozen of Penguine cuppies for her son, lionel, to celebrate Children's Day. What a sweet mummy!!!...and I have done nothing for my own daughter..tsk! tsk!..kekeke

Pooh & friends on train

A 6" x 8" cake for baby Nicholas 1st birthday.

Mickey mouse theme

A 6" x 8" Mickey mouse theme cake for baby Jerald 1st birthday.

Minnie Theme

Miche wanted a 8" minnie theme cake replicated for her daugther's 1st birthday. This is how it turned out. There were 24 cuppies...but again...i forgot to take pics of it. Hahaha

Miche has sent me the cuppies pic. Thanks so much!

Prince theme

A 10" Prince cake for Baby Zane's first birthday.
Thank you Wayne for emailing the pic to me. =)
*3D hand molded prince figurine*

Hello Kitty cake

A 8" Hello Kitty cake for baby Reanne's first birthday
- added some butterflies after I took the pic as some places looked empty, but forgot to take pics of it.:P
*Please note that figurines are provided by customer*

Pooh and Friends Theme

A 4" x 8" cake for Baby Clance's first birthday
*3D hand molded figurines*

Mickey mouse theme mini cuppies

50 mini cuppies for June's son's birthday. Thanks June for emailing pictures of it as I was too busy and forgot to take picture. Thanks June. ;P

Mickey's castle

A 6" x 8" Mickey castle for baby Jacob's 1st birthday
*Please note that figurines are provided by customer*

Precious moment figurine

A 6" x 8" PM cake for Kayla's first birthday.
*Please note that figurine is provided by customer*

This is a photo that Kayla's mummy had emailed me a while back but I was too busy to update this post. Doesn't it look nicer? My photography skills are so bad. Hahaha

Piglet in the garden

A 4" x 6" mini tier cake for baby Cammie's 1st birthday.
*3D hand molded figurine*

Manchester United Cupcakes

Man U cuppies for June's hubby birthday

Princess Theme

A 8" x 10" moist chocolate cake for a little girl named Ashley.
Princess is 3D hand molded.


A 7" cake with a 4" carved to look like an igloo.
*3D hand molded penguines*

Dora The Explorer

A 6" buttercream Dora the explorer cake with cuppies
*Please note that figurine is provided by customer*

Hello Kitty

A 8" buttercream Hello Kitty cake
**Please note that this figurine is no longer available**

Mini Kitty Cake

Made a 4" mini cake for my best friend's birthday.