A 4" x 6" castle for Zainab's 4th birthday. The castle had no princess as zainab's mummy will only place it on the cake after the cake was delivered.

Gift Box Design

A 8" x 10" gift box design for Kamie's 1st birthday. Kamie's mummy requested for a gift box design with Kamie, daddy and herself on it, using colours white, pink and purple. This is how it turned out...hope they like it.

Sesame street cake

A 4" x 8" Sesame Street Cake for Javier's 1st birthday

Princess theme

A very unique cake as 4 person are celebrating their birthday's together. 2 sisters and their godmums.

A 6" x 10" princess theme cake for Janessa, Janae, godmum M and godmum P. =)

Mickey mouse clubhouse

A 6" x 8" Mickey mouse clubhouse theme for Zara's 1st birthday

Jungle animals

Actually I don't normally post repeat designs on my blog. However, I just wanted to show this design as a single tier..very cute too.

A 6" jungle theme cake for baby Jared's 1st birthday

Thomas and his friends

A 6" x 8" Thomas and friends cake for Zane's 1st birthday

Pokemon cake

This is Clarissa's 3rd cake. A 6" Pokemon cake.

Drea's Hello Kitty Cake

This is Drea's 2nd cake. A 6" Hello Kitty cake.