Princess castle

Another lucky girl that gets 2 cakes!This is one of the cake that Drea's mummy ordered from me. Will post the other one later on.
A 4" x 6" mini princess castle cake for Drea's 5th birthday.

Baby Mickey and Minnie

A 8" Baby Mickey and Minnie cake for Shermes's 1st birthday

Jungle animals

A 6" x 8" jungle theme cake for Elijah's 3rd birthday

Princess castle cake

A 6" x 8" princess castle cake for Bernice's 5th birthday.

PM Cake

Clarissa's mummy order 3 birthday cakes for 3 seperate birthday celebration. Clarissa is such a lucky baby!Below are the pictures of the 2 Precious Moments cake.
A 6" and a 8". There is another Pokemon design to come. Will update pictures later on =)

Disney Cars theme

A 8" Disney cars theme cake for Dylan's 2nd birthday

2D Peppa Pig Cake

A Peppa pig cake for Isabel's 2nd birthday

Face cupcakes

16 Face cupcakes for Wesley's 5th birthday

Sesame street theme

A 6" x 8" Sesame street theme for baby Zayden's first birthday

Dibo the gift dragon

A 4" x 10" Dibo theme cake for baby Samuel's first birthday

Thomas the train

A 8" Thomas cake for baby Kaylen first birthday.

Another 24 cuppies to surround the cake.

Penguine Cupcakes

Angeline ordered a dozen of Penguine cuppies for her son, lionel, to celebrate Children's Day. What a sweet mummy!!!...and I have done nothing for my own daughter..tsk! tsk!..kekeke